19 month and still drinking milk every 2 hours
Dudusha posted:

my baby stopped accepting the breast milk since he was 6 month. Since then the hell broke loose and he starting eating/ drinking milk every 2h (and these are our lucky nights). The only milk he accepts is Soy milk. During the day he takes a nap for 2h at noon. He doesn't have patience to eat well during the day. During my pregnancy i had a very low sugar level (47 - while the normal is 80-120). I never got to test him because he always has milk with good night cereals so his sugar level is ok.

Please help me with any advice. I have tried delaying the feedings. Doesn't really help. He just gets angrier and cries more and more.

I haven't slept 1 night for more than year. I luv him but he needs a better night sleep.
hgreenwood7058 responded:
My son has only ever slept through the night once and he is 15 1/2 mo. I would suggest taking him to the doctor if you are concerned. It may be that he is lacking a nutrient. Could be that he is growing as well. Is he gaining weight appropriately or is he on the smaller side?[a style="COLOR: #006699; CURSOR: pointer" id=exchange-post-enabled_A8 class=template-reply-post onclick="LoginCreatePost(this,'newborn-and-baby-exchange','3'); return false;">
Dudusha replied to hgreenwood7058's response:
He is gaining weight. The doctors only tell me to add night cereal. The soya/ rice milk is full of cereal. . The cry it out method is not my choice, ever. He has been sleeping until 6 month. Teething ruined everything. I also bougth the sleep plan from baby sleep site. unfortunately didn't help me so much. Now we had a good night, only feedings every 2 hours, no cry, no sound nothing. I hope we will get better with this.
Thank you so much for the reply and i wish you long night sleeps
hgreenwood7058 replied to Dudusha's response:
me too haha. I actually sleep next to the floor of his bed (for now. someday i won't have to. i hope..) because he wakes up so often. When does he have dinner? Any snacks? I choose not to CIO either. It does not work for all babies. carson would cry till he puked (I tried once. I was in the same room but it was dark and I was pumping and he just screamed and cried and gagged. never again).Hopefully your little man will start sleeping a little better so that you can rest too.
Dudusha replied to hgreenwood7058's response:
he had some better nights - last feeding 2 am and waking up at 6-6.30.
May i say i am so glad to be talking to another mom and not thinking i am the only one with these issues.
I also tryed the CIO method once and he cried for 3-4 hours and choked so bad. won't try it again.
He serves dinner about 7-8 PM (rice/ chicken/ pasta). Even though he eats/ drinks a lot during the night his weight is average -low for his age (we have the metric system)

Good luck to u too!
Today i will visit a famous doctor here to get some advice. if any sounds good will let you know.

What is your baby drinking during night? Formula?