my 3 year old daughter is very serious
maciie posted:
when she was a baby she never cried for her bottle... at one time she missed two feedings and did not mind she just kept sleeping... ive only seen her smile twice in her three years of life and laugh once... she never gets fussy. she talks as well as a 3 year old should talk but doesn't really feel like it, she asks for things by pointing.i really don't like, i try to make ask for it by talking but she just looks at me and walks away. she doesn't want to interact with children she doesn't play with her toys...she walks around the house, but other than that she does nothing. she just wants to be by my side. if i sit her down somewhere she doesn't move from that spot... all she does is look around with her big beautiful green eyes... CAN YOU HELP ME WHY IS SHE LKE THIS TH DOCTOR SAYS SHE FINE, THAT THEIR NOTHING WRONG!!!!