Missed Miscarriage...misdiagnosed?
An_253536 posted:
So, I was on clomped when I conceived and multiples hare hereditary in my family and so when I went in for my first prenatal exam at 8w5d the nurse midwife decided to do an ultrasound...they couldn't see anything and decided to do a transvaginal. The ultrasound tech found a gestational sac, yolk sac and fetal pole, but no heartbeat. They said either I miscalculated my date of contraception and was only 6w3d at that point, or the pregnancy is not viable (meaning I will eventually miscarry).

I went back one week later for another transvaginal which showed no growth and the yolk sac had apparently completely disappeared. I was diagnosed with a missed miscarriage and told that I would get my blood drawn and if my HCg levels are dropping, my body will probably naturally miscarry, if they are not dropping-they could give me medication to "help" the miscarriage along.

It is now one week later and I had to go back for bloodwork today to have an HCG level to compare to last weeks because my blood specimen from yesterday was lost. I am waiting on results from today, but the levels that were taken last week was 13,000. Normal for someone only 7w3days if they were right in the fact that I miscalculated?

I'm not so sure that I could've miscalculated because I was talk h clomid and know the exact day of my LMP...but I know ovulation can occur and sperm can live in the body for a few days and its possible. I haven't had a drop of blood or even a cramp in weeks, but my body doesn't feel that pregnant like it did in the beginning. My nipples are still sensitive, but nausea has disappeared. I've only thrown up five times during the entire pregnancy, but nothing for the last week...and my back stopped hurting. I don't know what to feel. I've read all this stuff about misdiagnosed miscarriages and about twin gestational sacs where one is possibly hiding the other and since I was on chlomid and have a higher risk of multiples, no cramping or bleeding...I'm in serious speculation about a missed miscarriage diagnosis...any advice?