3 Month Old w/ blotchy red skin/goopy eyes
AshleyE07 posted:
My 3 month old daughter was diagnosed with blocked tear ducts at her 1 month well check-up. She still has lots of goop but now there are two other symptoms. The skin around her eyes gets blotchy and pink and she rubs her face on things like she is trying to scratch an itch. I took her to the pediatrician yesterday, but she said that it's not pink eye, it's still just the blocked tear ducts. The ped won't send her to an eye doctor because she says they won't do anything for her until she is 1 year old.

The doctor also said that she is too young for allergies. My 3 month old sneezes a few times a day as well. The discharge from her eyes is clear and she doesn't have a runny nose. The mucus she does get in her nose is also clear/white. No fever and she is fed exlusively breast milk. Any ideas/help? What can I do for her other than use a warm wash cloth to wipe away the goo?