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Long recovery from stomach flu for 7 month old?
jeffro37 posted:
My daughter caught a stomach bug at daycare and threw up 5 days ago. The extent was that she threw up once on day 1, once on day 2 and had runnier poop than normal those days. Didn't seem upset or anything.

She was pretty much normal on day 3 and 4, with her poop returning to normal and no vomiting. We slowly put her back on solids by starting her with 1oz on day 4 and 2oz on day 5. The night of day 5, she lost her cookies again, and has been constipated.

My theory right now is that her stomach just wasn't quite ready for those solids. I believe the virus has passed, but that her little digestive system is still getting caught up. But is it likely that the extra ounce of solids tipped the scales from seemingly fine to throwing up? It's hard to gauge since her symptoms originally were so minor. Given that, she's basically back to day 1 of this in terms of symptoms (literally just puking 1 time and being fine otherwise).

Curious to know if this is a normal pattern. Like I said, I hope we just ramped up the food too quickly, tho we did wait 2 days before giving her any solids and bumped it up pretty slowly. That being said, she did vomit about 1.5 hours after we fed her that second ounce (peas).

By the way, we're sure it was a virus, because it was going around the daycare, and for that matter my wife and I both had a bout of it over the weekend.

Hoping for some advice. Doctor's office is closed, and it's not really an emergency situation at the moment. But I'd sure love to understand the typical recovery times to understand why she had two days of very mild symptoms, two days normal, and then a day where she threw up again!

Thanks for any input.

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