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When should I introduce allergenic foods to my baby?
meredithdk posted:
I am wondering what the latest guidelines on indroducing allergenic foods to an infant are. I have a 10 month old who is more and more interested in eating what we are eating. We have almost no history of food allergy and we do eat fish, peanut butter and eggs regularly. My mother-in-law has developed an allergy to eggs and fish - later in life. I have a 6 year old and my plan with him was to introduce these foods - just a little bit, one at a time and he is fine. Personally, I tried to introduce these items on a day that I could watch him and go to the hospital at a moments notice. I believe we gave it to him at 1 year. I am wondering about what the guidelines are now for this. I know studies happen and things change.
atti_editor responded:
Hello MeredithDK,

You might find this information on babies and food allergies helpful. It says that the new American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines say that unless you have a significant family history of food allergies, there is no evidence that waiting until after a year to introduce these foods reduces the risk of developing allergies -- although most pediatricians do still recommend waiting until your baby is 9 or 10 months. So based on the information you provided, I think that your plan for introducing foods to your baby now is a good one, but you may still want to ask your pediatrician for guidance.

The link above also has some good information on how to go about introducing these foods -- introducing foods gradually and one at time, what reactions to look for, and dealing with any mild food allergies that may arise.

Best wishes,

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