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Teething with a runny nose
An_256579 posted:
It's been a long time since I've had little ones. My grandson's mother is saying his runny nose is because he is teething. I don't remember any of my children doing this. Also, grandson is 9 mos. old and she told my son to feed my grandson baby food, no formula and water from a sippy cup. Have things changed that much?
atti_editor responded:

Here is some information about eating milestones for babies that you may be interested in. It is recommended that you wait until 6 months of age to start a baby on solid foods, and by about 9 months of age they can start eating chunkier foods. At 9 months, once your grandson is eating mostly solid foods, drinking water in a sippy cup with meals is fine. It sounds like your daughter-in-law has a good plan to introduce your grandson to solid foods. As far as the runny nose, some medical professionals do link a runny nose to teething, but it could also signal a cold. Here is some information on common teething symptoms. Mild symptoms that gradually improve are nothing to worry about and may even be related to a viral infection. I hope that he is feeling better

Best wishes,

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