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Breastfeeding Basics
Dan Brennan, MD posted:
Looking for some basics on breastfeeding? Here is a handout that I use in my office that may be helpful for you or a friend.
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GigiSage responded:
Do you have any tips for pumping and dumping for 10 days? I just got put on levaquin and methylprednisolone for bronchitis stemming from a sinus infection I had three weeks ago. I was told I can't nurse my daughter during this time but to pump and dump. Only problem is I never get more then an ounce from pumping and I am worried that my supply is going to take a major hit during this time. It already had to be built back up from being sick three weeks ago but I could still nurse during that time and only had to do it more often.

Any help would be appreciated... I would contact the lactaction consultants.... but I had a bad experience with the ones at the hospital. My sister in law was much more helpful and supportive then they were.
Dan Brennan, MD replied to GigiSage's response:
Try your best to pump at about the same number of times you would normally nurse. Some moms don't get a great let down with the pump and express only a small amount, but this does not mean that your supply is diminishing. Good luck!
ilines responded:
My post may be too late to be seen but I wondered what information you may be aware of for women who suffer lactation failure? I have suffered this and as a result have a lot of questions and wonder what might be in the future for other women who suffer as well. Thank you so much.

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