Caring for a circumcision
Dan Brennan, MD posted:
For parents with have a circumcised son, here are a few simple care tips:

- If there is a vaseline gauze dressing, it should be removed within the first 48 hours.

- Once the gauze is removed, apply a lubricant such as vaseline or KY jelly with each diaper change until the circumcision is healed - so that it does not stick to the diaper.

- As the circimcision heals, it may form a yellow, sticky layer of skin called granulation tissue (this is often confused with pus).

- Once the circumcision is completely healed (about 1 week) you may stop using the vaseline.

- At this time you should start to retract any remaining foreskin once a day to prevent the formation of adhesions (scar tissue).
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