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Predicting adult height for your child
Sara DuMond, MD, FAAP posted:
Ever wonder how tall your baby might be when he or she grows up? There are lots of theories out there about how to figure out how tall your child might be, from looking at the growth chart in their chart at the doctor's office to doubling their height at a certain year check-up. The reality, is that one of the best predictors of adult height is genetics! To do a quick calculation, use a formula called the Mid-Parental Height Formula:
1. Take mother's height in inches (example: 5'4" would be 64 inches)
2. Add to father's height in inches
3. For boys, add 5 inches to that. For girls, subtract 5 inches.
4. Then divide that number by 2.
That will give you your child's predicted adult height in inches. Take in to account that things like nutrition and chronic illnesses can affect this number. Also take into account that this formula is just an estimation, and there is room for error on either side of that number. Have fun with it!
Dr. DuMond
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