Updated Crib Safety Guidelines
Sara DuMond, MD, FAAP posted:
For information on the latest federal crib safety standards, here is a link to important points for parents to be aware of!
Dr. DuMond
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martinawilliams responded:
Im glad to see this so I can show my bf that I was right. Just last week i decided to buy a new crib for my 8 month old. Her old crib was a drop side and i was worried about her safety. Well with much begging and pleading we finally bought the Stork Craft Tuscany stationary side convertible crib (which cost around 800 US here, which is ridiculous) but im happy and revealed that I no longer have to worry about her safety. Thanks for the info
Me (20), Bf (48) and DD,lilja born Nov.30.2010 . We Live in Jamaica for now :)