weened question
rebeccaeggleston posted:
I recently stopped nursing my 7 month old.. She is my third bf baby. I am experiencing some strange side effects with her. Like the other two I am getting those lovely hormone headaches, but with her I am getting these unexpected nose bleeds? I have got nose bleeds with pregnancy but never from weening.! Is this normal? I was also wondering if it could be from taking the ibprofin for the headaches? If anyone knows or could help it would be much appreciated! Thank you
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alaska_mommy responded:
I don't remember having any hormonal issues when I weaned my son.
mommyNtraining responded:
dont want to scare you, and i could be totally wrong. but you may want to check with a dr just to make sure everythings okay. just because i think that the two together are normally a sign of high blood pressure. it could be nothing, but id rather be on the safe side. on the other hand ibuprofen normally makes me bleed also when i normally wouldnt. (from anywhere) try tylenol instead if u can..