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An_247469 posted:
speaking about vaccinations, im on the against side. i myself, never had a single shot since the day i was born (and NEVER gotten sick with any of those disease..believe it or not, i had a flu just once in my life and it was a mild one (im 21 now)). my sister was given a shot, from which she died from. she had a common cold, and from the "vaccine scheduale" she had to take that shot. which turned out fetal. My little cousin, who recieves regular vaccinations, well, lets say i never saw her healthy without stuffy nose/runny nose, coughs, sore throats, and mainly SICK even in summer time on the hottest days...year after year. yet on other hand, my sister has three children, none of them vaccinted, and they look like healthy little apples. i wouldnt vaccinate my fact i didnt. Long before the vaccinations were invented, people managed to live with their own immune system (no wonder people were created with an immune system,..with a naturraaal immune system..but yet people act like they dont have their own immune they decide to have a fake one with all those vaccines). and hey, people actually lived longer those days. yeah maybe there were some cases, but not as much you would find right now with all those vaccinated children walking around. i wouldnt let my child near a vaccinated as the vaccinated always is sick with a cold or flu. and i believe the reason to this is because the vaccine weakens the immune system making them sick like that. i know MANY doctors who themselves dont give vaccines to their own children. and its not a problem to get into public school w/o vaccines, i myslef went to school w/o them and was yeah.
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Jackie03291 responded:
Sorry, have to disagree and I hope my very healthy (and vaccinated!) children never go to school with your children. I know that vaccines are not fool-proof but I wouldn't want to take a risk with my child contracting something very serious and they have not sufferered any ill side effects as a result so far. I know that everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I honestly don't think that unvaccinated children should not be allowed in public schools and I hope someday that it does become rquired.

Also, you might want to double check your facts, but human life spans have grown tremendously over the years and people are living much longer now than they ever were, that is a 100% provable fact, so I'm not sure where you are getting your information.
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