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Getting more out of nasal bulb syringes
Jennifer Shu, MD posted:
Try gently pressing down on the opposite nostril when you're suctioning a baby's nose to get a better seal. You may need to choose a bigger bulb syringe if nothing's coming out, or just wait until your baby sneezes and let her clear her nose herself!
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Kate32114 responded:
My baby has been suffering for about 17 days with a cold. sneezing and coughing the past 4 days. Nose is running continuously. The saline and bulb syringe does not seem to be making her any better. Is there anything else I can do to get rid of this problem? I have also been suffering a cold for this duration and I breastfeed her. She is 5 months old today. She cries because she is having a hard time breathing. Any advice would be very helpful right now.
mommy_a replied to Kate32114's response:
try filling your bathroom with steam (turn on hot shower for 10 mins)

then turn off shower and sit in steam room with your LO in your arms

Should clear his lungs out..

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