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My Pimp Ride
MontanaMama2009 posted:
(APO my blog) [a name=4587670203901183852> Grandma Margaret and Grandpa Weldon's Lincoln Town Car

Sadly, Grandpa Weldon and Grandma Margaret are no longer with us. They left behind some beautiful antique furniture, a house full of fine china, chandeliers, closets full of polyester clothing, a garage full of used items (they grew up in the Great Depression and saved EVERYTHING), and a champagne colored (PINK!) Lincoln Town car with only 20,000 original miles and brand new tires.

Our Victorian home is chock full of their antique collection, and our car collection now contains a pink Lincoln the size of Texas.

But it gets GREAT gas mileage. 27mpg. It's a total cooshy ride, as well. I'm not sure if you've ever had the privilege of placing your bottom on the seat of a Lincoln car, but it's an experience you will never forget. This vehicle contains all of the bells and whistles of modern day cars. I'm totally thankful for this addition to our family.

Our other vehicles consist of two older Ford Expeditions (the Eddie Bauer versions with all-leather seats and sunroof). But they get HORRENDOUS gas mileage.

So now I'm driving myself and my three children around in Weldon and Margaret's pink Lincoln. I get a lot of funny stares, especially since we live in quite a "crunchie" area of the West where folks ride their bicycles to work or their scooters or drive their brand-new Prius.

I almost feel like I should hang fuzzy dice in the rear-view mirror and lower the car to the ground like you see in some movies.

So while my modern Expeditions sit parked in the driveway, I'm getting in and out of my pimp mobile every morning. It really used to bug me, the way people would laugh or stare. But now, I just watch my gas gauge say: 27mpg and 260 miles left until empty, and I grin all the way down the road...

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