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You Are What You Eat
MontanaMama2009 posted:
You Are What You Eat...

Faith and her school lunch: organic salad mix with organic turkey lunch meat, organic all-natural "Pirate's Booty" puffed corn, snack crackers, and organic fruit roll-up.

Above: all-natural peanut butter, the kind you mix and store in the fridge.

Here's some organic spring mix (lettuce), banana, apple, orange, tomato, and lime.

My story on healthy eating habits:

If you buy junk, you'll eat it...and so will your family. If you buy healthy, you'll eat it...and so will your family.

Beware of hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, lots of refined sugars, and artificial colors and flavors.

Purchase foods with ingredients you can pronounce.
If you can't pronounce it or it isn't natural: DON'T BUY IT.

Here's a list of potentially harmful preservatives you should avoid. Click on this link for more information on HOW these preservatives are harmful :

Benzoates are found in margarines, fruit juices, flour
Bromates are used to bleach flour
Butylates are used in margarines, butter, and vegetable oils
BHA is used in potato chips, crackers, pork, steak sauces, cake mixes
Caramel is used candies, soft drinks, bread, frozen pizza
Carrageenan is used in sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, ice cream, beer, punch
Glutamates is used in most every convenience food
Mono- and Di-glycerides is used in margarine, butter, peanut butter, breads, cookies
Nitrates and Nitrites is used in hot dogs, cured meats, cheese

The above listed preservatives are suspected of contributing to: asthma, skin rashes, diarrhea, high cholesterol levels, impaired kidney and liver functions, headaches, dizziness, cancer, birth defects.

Some really good books to study up on this:
"Poisons In Your Food" by Ruth Winter
"A Consumer's Dictionary of Food Additives" by Ruth Winter

My family lives on a monthly grocery budget. And even though I have a budget that I need to adhere to, I can still shop for healthy, nutritious, all-natural or organic foods.

My family appreciates the effort I spend in purchasing these products for them. They taste great and it's fun to find new recipes using these healthier food products.

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