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Article about Plastic Bags
cheeezie25 posted:
I happeend upon this article, and I thought I would share it here since it seems like it might be somthing that would interest this group:

I am kinda cracking up over the fact that there is actually a "Save the Plastic Bag Coalition"... I mean of all things that people would go out of their way to save. But hey, if a corporations' profits are at stake, I guess it is pretty fair to assume that they will create a lobbying group to "save" whatever it is that their selling heh...
MontanaMama2009 responded:
Save the Plastic Bag Coalition? That's absurd.

Just look around your own neighborhood or town. Those bags are stuck high up in tree tops, blown into gutters, thrown into trash dumps by the gazillions (that's an exaggeration, obviously), and floating down our rivers.

Why don't the grocery stores just sell inexpensive cloth bags (I think I paid 50 cents a piece for mine at Wal-Mart) for their customers to re-use and move away from plastic bags altogether?

If you think THAT's too expensive, why not find some fabric at a Goodwill store for 25cents for 3 yards and sew your own.
Me, DH of 16 years, DD1 (15yo), DD2 (10yo), DD3 (nearly 2), a labrador, a tabby cat, a lop-eared bunny, and goldfish! Life is grand!
cheeezie25 replied to MontanaMama2009's response:
I think alot of grocery stores sell their own cloth bags now, so I think that is a good thing. I have also noticed that alot of the national chains I shop at (e.g., Target, Whole Foods, Trader Joes) have different incentives to get people to use cloth/reusable bags. I think you get like 5 cents back at Target per bag, 5 cents back or 5 cents to donate to a charity per bag at Whole Foods, and a raffle ticket per bag at Trader Joes for a weekly gift card drawing or something.

I just thought it was interesting that California is looking into passing a bag tax. I'm particularly against this, it just seems like putting a positive spin on cloth bag use seems like a better way to go rather than punishing plastic bag users (or someone who simply forgot or ran out of canvas bags).
MontanaMama2009 replied to cheeezie25's response:
I don't know if you remember, but a little while ago I had my first totally organic shopping trip at our local Real Food Store.

I had remembered to bring along a few cloth bags, but it wasn't enough to hold all of my groceries, so I had them bag the remaining items.

They charged me 5cents per bag, yes.
Me, DH of 16 years, DD1 (15yo), DD2 (10yo), DD3 (nearly 2), a labrador, a tabby cat, a lop-eared bunny, and goldfish! Life is grand!
KCAimee responded:
"Save the Plastic Bag Coalition" That is hilarious! WHy don't they focus on making something better for the environment and then they can sell the heck out of that.

Good article Cheezie!

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