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Sore throat and tongue on the right side only
mossymarine posted:
I've been experiencing the same pain for just over three weeks. The pain will start to go away and after a couple days, the pain returns. The pain is so bad on the right side that I can't even move my tongue normally without pain. I am a 25 yo male who have smoked since I was 18. I went to medical and was told that it was a sore throat. No testing was done and to no avail the pain is still present. I've been reading online and it has some similiarities towards throat cancer, but my question would be, wouldn't the pain be constant and not changing? The pain will hit in the afternoon and stick with me till morning until just before noon, and then almost go away. Then by that afternoon, the pain will hit me and the pattern repeats its self. I figured I would ask people who would have a greater knowledge and understanding over this.
Cleo74 responded:
I have been having a similar thing happening for well over a month now! My pain switches sides; also making it difficult to move my tongue or even open my mouth beyond a certain point. I went to the Dr a week ago & they drew about 10 viles of blood for testing. He also put me on a 10 day round of antibiotics; I assume as a precaution, just in case it's bacterial. However, my throat is still hurting (some days are worse than others) & yesterday I coughed up something that scared me...appears to be some kind of tissue that has red streaks in it! Not sure, but I think it came from my throat!

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