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possible oral cancer?
anthony45100 posted:
I have been chewing tobacco for about 5 years now. Recently i started growing small lumps in my throat. I have went to the doctors and unfortunately since military doctors aren't the greatest, they were diagnosed as swollen lymph nodes. I however know where my lymph nodes are and these lumps are not them. I have one lump just under my chin and one just above my adams apple. I also have a lump on my jawline that the doctors said was a lymph node that was stuck in my jaw. However, as of recently, it has gotten bigger and has become more painful and tender. It's also starting to hurt all of the time. All of the lumps move when i touch them and are tender to touch. In total i have 3 lumps going along my throat and one on my right jawline. I was just hoping somebody could tell me a little more based on these symptoms because i cannot see a doctor until about a month from now and i'm a little concerned about this. Any information would be greatly appreciated

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