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katerrell posted:
Hi, My name is Kelly and I need help from someone that has or had Oral Cancer.
My Mom had Tonsel Cancer, but THANK THE GOOD LORD she is CANCER FREE going on three years.
What the problem is, is Momma has a VERY FROTHY, SWEET, PUTRID (spl) stuff in her mouth. She is a member to another cancer forum where she talks to people that have had/or has the same try cancer she did. But NO ONE has the symptoms she does from her treatment. Everyone has a VERY DRY Mouth, NO ONE has the FROTHY, SWEET, STICKY YUCK in their month.
Momma has been to numerous doctors and specalist and has had numerious tests done. Not ONE doctor has been able to diagnose the problem.
PLEASE.. PLEASE if the is anyone out there that can give us some suggestions to this problem please help us.
Momma is in good health with the exception of the YUCK in her mouth and this causes her to feel like throwing up and makes her feel blah.
I was wondering if if could have something to do with the crowns on her teeth (she goes to a dentist regularly to have her teeth checked for side effects of the radiation).
Could a person that has been through radiation and cemo develope side effect from the dental crowns/fillings on/in her teeth that have been there for years?

Please help !
God Bless!

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