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White bump inside lower lip, picture included.
33thirtythree posted:
It is a white bump, or kind of feels like a little flap of skin, or a growth, on the inside of my lower lip. It has been there for I'm guessing 2 months. I does not hurt and it is not something you can pop.
It has really started to concern me, because I thought it was probably nothing major and that it would just go away. I have made a doctors appointment, but it is not for a couple more weeks. In the meantime, I am really stressing out.
I have included a picture, and it is not gross or anything. I know the picture isn't all that great, but it's the best I could do. I figured I would at least give you some idea of what it looks like.
Does anybody have any insight as to what this might be all about?
Thank you very much!
momshi responded:
I have the exact same thing!!! Did you ever find out what it was, mine is starting to make me nervous too... which is why I'm on here.
mschickabee1 responded:
I have basically the same thing. This flap has been on my lower lip for about two weeks now and I'm not sure who I should see: doctor, dentist, oral surgeon?
rans90 replied to mschickabee1's response:
Got the same thing.. did you ever get it sorted out?

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