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MuGard for Oral Mucositis??
OCCARE posted:
I have been looking into different rinses and methods to relieve the pain and discomfort from oral mucositis due to treatment (5FU). I've heard of a few home remedies and mixes but also read about products for it such as MuGard. Has anyone else tried MuGard or a rinse like it?
48becky responded:
Sorry about your sore mouth, it is the pits. The best mouth rinse I know of is: One quart of water, one teaspoon of salt and one teaspoon of baking soda. Rinse your mouth at least 6 times a day with this. You can't rinse too much with this solution. Throw away the solution every day and start with fresh in a clean container. The salt and soda solution will help prevent thrush and other mouth infections that you are at risk for since you have mucositis. There are also prescription rinses that have helped many people such as Magic Mouth Wash and ClearGel. Biotene mouth wash is an over the counter rinse that helps with the dryness associated with mucositis. But I've found nothing better for frequent use than the salt and soda wash. Please be careful to follow the recipe above, too strong a rinse will burn your mouth and damage the tissue. Use nothing with alcohol as alcohol will cause a fire in your mouth like you wouldn't believe. Sorry I haven't heard of MuGard.
Wishing a fast recovery. God Bless you. 48Becky
TomJ45 responded:
I've had radiation treatment and chemo (5FU and Cysplatin) for throat cancer and ultimately the best solution is a light saline solution (one teaspoon of salt per an 8 oz glass of water). When my mouth and throat got worse, loss of tissue and such, my doctor prescribed Caphosol. It involves mixing two solutions; about 4 ounces together and rinsing your mouth out 4 times a day. Don't get discouraged with this. It does get better!

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