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Thyroid Cluster
Nesie59 posted:

I need some advice. I have a mass growing on my thyroid, and 1 week ago a biopsy was done. When I went in for the results today I was told that the cells did not appear to be cancerous, and that they were working right. Then the doctor told me that the cells could just appear to be normal and yet still be cancerous. Now he suggests that I let him remove 1/2 of my thyroid to see if there are any cancerous cells. If so then he would remove the rest of my thyroid. Is there any other way to determine if there are cancerous cells on my thyroid? Why was the biopsy necessary if there still is a 50/50 chance that they didn't remove a certain piece that might be cancerous? I was so afraid of the biopsy that it took me 2 years to get it done. Is there anyway to remove the mass without taking out my thyroid? Can't it be scraped off or something?

The doctor also said that I would have to take thyroid medicine for the rest of my life. Why would I have to pop pills, if my thyroid is removed, and what are the side effects from these pills? I am not a pill popper and I have never had any major surgeries in my life. Is there any way besides taking my thyroid to determine if cells are cancerous. I am so scared, please help!


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