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space between crown and gum
w82much posted:
I had crown plased over an implant yesterday. Crown does't meet the gum line.
During the fitting It was going into gum. I was happy with color match and look before cementing it.
But after bonding it permanently, crown ended up being much higher ( even needed much more "shaiving" to fit in high-wise). Dentist told me that a little space between crown and gum all around is fine, since there is no real tooth inside.
But it doesn't look good and food collects in there.
What is the truth?
Zev Kaufman, DDS responded:
Dear w82much: The truth is that if the crown fit properly during the try in, and after final cementation it is too high, the cement itself was too thick and didn't allow the crown to fully seat. The problem is that if you have a space under the crown, you WILL trap food and plaque in the area. Nothing will decay, but there will be an increased potential for the tissues around the implant to break down. In addition, over time, the cement will wash out and the crwon will fall off. You must return to your dentist and ask (kindly) to have the crown properly made. At try-in, the bite should be properly adjusted and it should be to your liking. After the final glaze and polish, any adjustments should be unnecessary or very minor. Please go back to the dentist, or go for a second opinion from a Prosthodontist. Best wishes, Dr. Zev Kaufman
w82much replied to Zev Kaufman, DDS's response:
Thank you very much for your reply. I noticed that crown moves on this metal post which could see trough the gap. But, back to your advice - I spoke with my doctor. He wants me to pay in full for all he did including crown, then he will try to reuse same one I have in ( I am sure it would be too short now! ) or he will oreder new one on my expence, since he is sure that it is just cosmetic issue I am unhappy with. Tooth #12 is what we are talking about. Pretty visible...Any advice how to deal with this? Thanks a lot.
w82much replied to w82much's response:
Well, here is an update, Dr Zev. You were SO RIGHT, I am giving you much deserved credit! My crown fell off yesterday. What do I do now? Am I still responcible for a bill, do I get new crown or try to reuse old one? My Dr who installed it in NY, but I am now in CA...a bit of a problem.