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after root canal pain
pinewater posted:
I had a root canal done several months ago. I have had pain and been on anitbiotics several times. The last thing I was on was a z pack. Each time the pain gets less while on meds, but several days later is starts throbbing again. Not horrible, but it is there. The doc thinks I am crazy, I am now scared to call him again, but can not get the crown until the paid is gone. I just am at a loss as to what is going on and what I should do. Any suggestions would be most greatful.
_swank_ responded:
Sounds like your tooth is still infected. Perhaps the root canal isn't complete and there are still bits of root in there. You'll probably need it redone.
db2kp responded:
A couple of questions for you: What type of pain? Throbbing? Shooting pain? Sensitive to hot or cold? When you press on your cheek near the tooth or above the tooth at the root on your gum, does it hurt? Any bubble on your gum? Has the dentist seen you each time he put you on antibiotics? Without having answers to the above questions, I'll take a guess.

One or two things could be going on. One, there is still bacteria in one of the roots because the dentist didn't get to the tip (apex) of the root. Or the dentist missed a root that he couldn't see. (It happens)

Two, the tooth fractured down into the root. The tooth needs to be extracted.

Did you see an Endodontist? If not, call one, and get an evaluation. If you already saw an endodontist, call him again for a re-evaluation, or call another endodontist for a second opinion.
pinewater responded:
The pain is not severe but achy, and it does throb. I have had a couple shooting pains, but not all the time, and not sensitive to cold or hot. The cheek near the tooth does not hurt and no bubbles on the gum. But it does hurt to press on the tooth from above and at the gum. I saw a endodontist all times when getting the antibiotics. And he said it would work out. I think I will call someone else and get that second opinion you suggested and go from there, it is just hard with work, but I will have to do it.

Thanks for your help -
db2kp responded:
It sounds like it's just taking some time to heal. If you grind your teeth at night, that could be the problem. Does it hurt in the morning and get better as the day goes on? Ibuprofen is best for any inflammation. Stop pressing on the tooth above the gum, and try not eating on it. If it doesn't wake you up at night, that's a good sign. A second opinion wouldn't hurt. It may need retreated.

Let me know how it goes.....
pinewater responded:
Just wanted to say "thank you" for your help and to let you know I have an appointment next Monday to get checked out. I will let you know what happens. Thanks again and have a Happy 4th of July.
rjd20 responded:
I'd be interested to see how your appointment went because I am dealing with a very similar situation. I am going to see an oral surgeon tomorrow for constant throbbing in my neck after a root canal i had about a month ago. It is driving me crazy, and giving me headaches that make it very difficult to sleep and no pain killers seem to help. I thought it would go away after a couple a weeks. I went back to the dentist who took x-rays that found nothing. They put me on antibiotics which i tried for a couple days which help ease any shooting pain but didn't kill the throbbing. I stopped because it started to give me a rash, and the last time i took antibiotics it gave me a horrible rash and i didn't want to deal with that cause it feels worse than the throbbing. I will let you know what the oral surgeon says tomorrow. It's driving me crazy to the point where i just want it pulled so i can be done with this, but don't want to do something major if it doesn't need to be done.
depressed0 responded:
hi there, i suffer from the exact same thing you said here, it all started with a root canal, it litrally give me a few years from hill combined with its mercury fillings had and still have very strong heart beat, i have lost so much weight, my health hasn't been good at all since root canal, i am pretty much its the cause of all this, i have read a few other places about root canal causing heart problems and this throbbing in the neck, head, chest. need another one very soon, but i am thinking i might just pull the out the teeth, its not worth it i guess. i pulled out the other one a few weeks ago and it was done by specialist but failed, now i have lost the teeth next to it as well

anyone else agrees with root canal and heart problems or over all health problems?

check this out its well worth it

hope you all get well soon
_swank_ responded:
Infected teeth can cause all kinds of problems if the infection enters your bloodstream. This is why they do root canals, to get rid of the infection. Sometimes part of a root can be missed so if you continue to have problems you need to go back and have the tooth retreated. It's up to you to call your dentist or endodontist. They can't help you if all you do is write about it on an internet forum.
smilingincalif responded:
Do you have a temporary crown on right now? Or, do you have a temporary filling? The reason why I ask is, sometimes there could be a "high spot." What that means is that particular tooth is hitting first when you bite or chew. It's kinda like a bruise that you keep touching over and over and over again. Its can be extremely painful and sometimes hurt just as bad as it did before the root canal. Has your dentist looked at that and had you bite down on a red paper like thing? The dentist I work for does that. It is not uncommon to have a high spot. And if thats all it is, its almost like an instant relief. I have personally had one and boy did it hurt until they found the high spot. Of course there could be other things going on that a dentist will have to diagnose. I have seen some of our patient's that have had a root canal somewhere else and come to us for a second opinion. Sometimes what we see is that the "fill" was not complete all the way and there still is a tiny spot where bacteria can get in there. Sometimes it may need to be retreated. There is a possibiilty that the tooth may have a fracture and again, a dentist would have to make that call. I have worked in my dental office for 11 years so I have seen so many different things. Hope that helps so you can at least ask your dentist some questions. Good luck. Tooth pain is the worst!
avais4 responded:
I too had a high spot. I went back to the dentist this past week. He seems to have taken care of it. Now the pain is much worse. I can't even touch the tooth. I need to call him back but I really feel embarrassed to bother him again. What could it be now?
db2kp responded:

How long ago was the root canal done?

Bother the dentist again. If you can't touch the tooth then you may need an antibiotic or medrol dose pack, since there still may be infection.

When a root canal is done, the ligaments at the tip of the root become inflammed, and you need to take ibuprofen to calm it down. It may take a couple of weeks. However, sometimes it takes time to clear the infection and you need an antibiotic or more help with a medrol dose pack.

Hope you're doing okay.


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