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Stringy White Growth on Tongue
An_241635 posted:
I've had this stringy white growth on my tongue for quite some time now. Several years, really. It's never caused me any physical pain or discomfort, it's more of a cosmetic thing at this point (unless, of course, it points to something bigger). I don't have health insurance and haven't for many years, otherwise I'd have had it checked out some time ago. Working on that now, though.

When it first started, a couple of friends said that it looked like an inflamed taste bud, which they had experienced before. It was pretty dormant for a while, but since then it's gotten a little longer.

As I said, there's no pain or discomfort and it doesn't get in the way of me eating, drinking, talking or anything else. I'd just like to know what it is/what it may be. Photo attached.

An_241635 responded:
Image in original post not working. This link should do it.
Gwen Cohen Brown, DDS, FAAOMP responded:
Hi An_241635,

Thank you for providing detailed information and a photograph. My clinical impression is that the lesion in question is a squamous cell papilloma of the adult. They are completely benign and tend not to change in appearance when they have matured. These tend to occur as single isolated lesions with a papillary surface. They are slow growing, note the thick white appearance, and in general are not considered to be infectious or transmissible. Papilloma can be placed in the same category as common warts but are much less contagious.

Treatment is simple excision. It is an out patient procedure and I would recommend an oral surgeon. You do not need dental insurance as this is considered to be a medical procedure. It should be removed but it is not an emergency. If it changes at all please see a surgeon as soon as possible.

Dr. Gwen Cohen Brown
khm0811 responded:
I notice that this post is from 3 years ago and don't even know if you will receive this. I have this exact same growth on my tongue and was wondering what ever happened as a result of this one you had. Yours is the only picture out there I have seen that is exactly like mine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
An_258692 replied to khm0811's response:
I had something that looked very similar to the picture above, removed by an oral surgeon earlier this week. It's being biopsied. I'll let you know the results when I have them sometime over the next week or 2.
steffanymohan responded:
You can use a prescribed mouth ringe containing chlorhexidie or other oral atiseptic. In some cases, the symptoms become serious enough to require treatment prescribed by your dentist or oral specialist.
twinkietoo replied to Gwen Cohen Brown, DDS, FAAOMP's response:
Hi. I have the exact same thing on my tongue. I noticed mine after I got braces and was trying to clean food from my teeth with my tongue. I think I cut my tongue in the process and that's what it look like now. I asked my orthodontist what it was and she said the same thing, a taste bud. I asked her can I cut it off and she said it would bleed a little but I can if its a bother. I need a second opinion on that first.
twinkietoo replied to An_241635's response:
Hi. I have that same growth on my tongue. I was just wondering what was the outcome of yours.
subinraj replied to An_258692's response:
Hi Dude,

Hope you are doing well, My dad having the same growth on the tongue. May i know the result of your Biopsy..

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