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i found a black spot on my gums
An_243807 posted:
found a black spot on my gums right under my two front bottom teeth. it just popped up out of no where. Monday not there tuesday it was there. its as big as maybe two pepper grounds. I worry because cancer runs through my family and my step dad just got over having cancer on the back of his tongue. please help with advice
Gwen Cohen Brown, DDS, FAAOMP responded:
Hi An_243807,

I am not allowed to diagnose online however I can tell you that cancer does not develop overnight.

If the dark spot does not go away in two weeks you should see either your dentist or physician and have them assess the area clinically. If it is still there in a month, or it changes in shape or size, you should consider having a biopsy of the area to get a definitive diagnosis. A biopsy will tell you what the dark spot is and how to treat the affected area. if you are very worried see your dentist or physician sooner rather than waiting a month.

Hope this helps.

Dr. Gwen Cohen Brown