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Small White bump inside lip
gama33 posted:
For 3 weeks now it what seems to me that i have a pimple inside my lip! It is very small (like a pen tip) white bump inside the front middle of my lip. It doesnt hurt, and when i take tweezers and pull it off it doesnt bleed or pop. Im under a lot of stress and poor nutrition and sleep so i think its a canker sore- plus my girlfriend had one too but hers went away a week ago. What is it-and what can i do- poor college student cant afford doctor. Please help!
Gwen Cohen Brown, DDS, FAAOMP responded:
Hi gama33,Although I can't diagnose online you seem to be describing an infected or irritated minor salivary gland. If you push your tongue against the inside of your lower lip you will feel many small bumps, these are minor salivary glands. I would suggest that you don't pull it out with a tweezer, but try to leave it alone and let it heal.

It is unlikely that you and your girlfriend have the same condition, although they may look similar, as what you are describing does not sound transmissible or viral.

Canker sores are different in appearance and etiology. Canker sores only occur on movable mucosa, tongue, inner lip, cheek, they have an unknown etiology and they appear as small breaks in the oral mucosa with a yellow center and slightly raised red halo around the break in the skin. Canker sores tend to go a millimeter or two into the connective tissue (the tissue below the skin) are under one centimeter in size and are typically more painful than you would think, kind of like a paper cut is more painful than you think it could be. Canker sores are also self limiting and will heal on there own in under ten days.

If it does not resolve on its own within the next two weeks you should consider having it checked out by a health care provider, preferably an oral health care specialist. You can also see if your college has a health care clinic or an affiliation with a local hospital or dentist to receive lower cost or sliding scale cost treatment.

I hope this helps.

Dr. Gwen Cohen Brown
jenbonil1984 replied to Gwen Cohen Brown, DDS, FAAOMP's response:

I too have something similar to what gama33 mentioned. A couple of days ago I noticed a few white bumps (pimple like) under the skin of my lower lip. They're mostly visible when I stretch out my lip, but I am not sure what they can be. Can you offer an insight?

trinity36 responded:
Did you ever find out what this was inside your lip? I have a similar condition, a small white painless "pentip-like" bump inside my lower lip. I have cut it off but it just comes right back. Did yours heal after a while or did you see a dentist?

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