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White line on roof of mouth normal?
An_244829 posted:
Hi! I recently (within the last month) had my first cold sore complete with what im pretty sure was herpetic stomatisis (sorry if i spelled that wrong) Everything has pretty much healed up except my throat still has lots of little red veins (maybe normal?) and i have a white line down the middle of the roof of my mouth all the way down to the dangler (sorry again) the dangler looks a little bit veiny too maybe. My gums dont hurt, nothing hurts and nothing is swollen, although i still see the edge where the gum meets the tooth in one area a little darker than the rest, but not by much. I recently moved to a new country so ive been kind of self treating all my ailments....just want to be sure this is all normal healing and im not contagious.

PS cold sore has virtually disappeared just a little pink spot, if my boyfriend got one too can i kiss him now or will he get a cold sore?
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi and welcome to WebMD,

While you're waiting for a response here re your throat issue, I encourage you to post your PS question to our Sexually Transmitted Diseases Community ; they'll be able to help you understand everything about cold sores and kissing.
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Gwen Cohen Brown, DDS, FAAOMP responded:
Hi An_244829,I am going to try to give you a simple answer - if your boyfriend has ever had a cold sore (HSV 1 Herpes Simplex Virus 1) then no you cannot give him herpes. If he has never been exposed to HSV then you can give him herpes but it won't present as a cold sore. Now I am going to give you the longer more complicated answer.

I order for this to make any sense I must give you more information. Oral herpes, genital herpes and the virus that causes chicken pox are all alpha herpes viruses, meaning that behave in a similar fashion, once exposed to the virus it remains with you for the rest of your life sleeping (dormant) in either your spinal cord (chicken pox) trigeminal root ganglion (oral herpes) or the dorsal root ganglion (genital herpes).

With oral herpes one of two things occurs following your first exposure to HSV1, either you develop something called primary herpetic gingivostomatitis - blisters all over your mouth lips and throat that resemble the blisters of chicken pox only more localized, with fever and malaise. Primary herpetic gingivo stomatitis take about three weeks to heal once you start developing blisters - or much more likely you do not develop any blisters (a sub acute response) but you do develop antibodies to the HSV 1 virus. After this inital exposure, visible or subacute, the HSV1 virus goes to sleep waiting to be woken up usually during times of stress, fever or exposure to cold weather.

Primary exposure to HSV 1 tends to be seen in children under five with a small peak during the first two years of college. So more than likely your boyfriend has already been exposed to the virus way before you met each other and the virus is at this moment waiting to wake up and when it does then he will develop a cold sore.

So this is the actual response, if has never been exposed to HSV1 before he met you and you kiss him most likely nothing visible will occur or very unlikely he will develop primary hermetic gingivostomatitis stomatitis. If in fact you have a cold sore and you kiss him he may develop a cold sore, not because you gave him the virus but rather because he got stressed out and reactivated his own sleeping HSV1.

By the way, although less common secondary herpes can also occur in the mouth in the gums and the palate.

The way you described your mouth seems to be within the range of normal but please remember that I cannot diagnose on line and if you still have questions you should speak with your dentist or physician.

I hope this helps. If you need clarification fell free to post back.

And lastly, this is not a sexually transmitted disease!

Dr. Gwen Cohen Brown

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