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Still in pain after partial root canal
pinkyjules posted:
A few weeks ago i visited my dentist as i had lost a filling, after xays i need a tooth extraction and two fillings. It all went well until 2 weeks later when the filling done on my upper back tooth became so painful i was in tears. my dentist said the filling was deep and could have touched the nerve so sent me away with antibiotics which did nothing. yesterday i had partial root canal treatment (he couldn't find the 3rd canal but did remove the nerve). I have to return in 3 weeks time to have it completed. Even befor the numbness wore of i experienced pain, i have a bridge on one of my front teeth and still cannot bite down on it as it causes so much pain. Help please!!!!
swami7774 responded:
Similar situation here. I had a full root canal 4 weeks ago. Things seemed fine until about 10 days ago. First, the tooth was suddenly sensitive to cold water(that symptom disappeared). Now it is sensitive to pressure, even from the side(if i tap it with my finger). I'm going back to the endodontist this Friday to see what's up.
pinkyjules replied to swami7774's response:
hi, luckily the pain died down after 24hrs but i now need to use sensitive toothpaste as all the teeth on that side are sensitive now. i'm back at my dentist on the 5th july to have the root canal finished (if he can find the 3rd canal!!) i'm dreading it, wish he would have just extracted it now. swami7774, hope all goes well for you on friday.
Zev Kaufman, DDS replied to pinkyjules's response:
Dear pinkyjules and swami7774:

It is NOT unusual to experience pain AFTER root canal treatment.
Sometimes just the instrumentation to the tip of the root can cause the pain. It does go away usually within a few days.

The correct thing to do is to call your dentist and inform him/her of the situation. Only your dentist knows exactly what happened with your tooth and can give you an educated answer.

If the root canal is very complicated, I always advise going to an Endodontist, who is the expert in this area.

Best of luck,
Dr. Zev Kaufman
steingents responded:
I have the same problem, my dentist put in a filling over a year ago and that it was close to the nerve and my cause problems. The tooth bothered more after he put the filling in then it did at first. I was told I needed a root canal so I went in 6/28/12 for the canal and was told it will take 2 visits to get it done. I was fine after for a couple of days after the first procedure, but know 7 days later I am in the same pain I was in at first. The complete right side of my face hurts. (root canal on Molar 31) I have to go back on 7/12/12 so he can put the permanent filling in. Not sure if I can make it that long. Should the tooth hurt if the nerve is gone.
pinkyjules replied to steingents's response:
hi, i went back to my dentist today to what i thought was haviing the root canal completed, how wrong was i!! he started to drill the old filling out and because there is no longer a nerve the i thought it wouldn'n hurt, it did!! had to have my gum numbed then more drilling, poking and prodding then an xray. After all this i was imformed that he still cannot find my 3rd canal so i have to go back yet again. i was told that the teeth along that side are all sensitive and was given some new toothpaste that works wonders apparently! so yes steingents its probably the teeth next to the root canal tooth that are causing the pain/sensitivity.
Smithzilla replied to pinkyjules's response:
What's the name of the new toothpaste ? I'm experiencing the same thing Thanks
plazadental replied to Smithzilla's response:
Hi pinkyjules, after going through the thread I read about the difficult situation you have gone through. I hope finally all's well now and you have started living that pain free life again.
oc_wynnie responded:
Hi,this post has been awhile i wonder what happend?i have similar story,my dentist in santa ana,does your teeth still hurt?i got my root canal today...and is so painful now..its not 24 hour yet but after root canal he took an xray and told me the other teeth will causing me the stange,dont you think?

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