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Failed root canal tooth
nic14120 posted:
I had a cap fall off in March due to a failed RC. I can not afford a replacement, so I have decided to leave to damaged tooth as is. It is the reminents to a toot canal, exposed. It seems to be chipping away slowly, as it seems to be getting closer to the gum on one side. I am nervous to pull it bevause it is a molar. I have a heart arrythmia, so I am very nervous of a reaction from being put under/novicane. It seems red by one spot of the gum. I have been garggling with warm salt water, i brush the tooth as well. Would it be obvious if it were starting to develop an abcess? Its kind of uncomfortable around it at it true that an absess could cause fatalities in people? Any signs or stmptoms I should be aware of? Thank you
Zev Kaufman, DDS responded:
Dear nic14120:

I understand your concerns but you are making a common error of "not seeing the forest for the trees."

The decayed tooth will cause you problems. It can get infected, if it is not already so. Your fear from the anesthetic is also unfounded.

Lidocaine is actually used to treat arrhythmia and will not damage the heart. You are actually afraid of the palpitations associated with the epinephrine which is used in conjunction. You can very easily ask the oral surgeon, or your dentist to use anesthetics that does not contain epinephrine.

Don't wait. The longer you wait, the more problem you will have. After the extraction, talk to your dentist about getting a temporary replacement for the missing tooth. A small, removable denture called Nesbit, or Flipper will do just fine. This way the space will be maintained and when you do decide to get an implant, the site will be available.

If the site is "uncomfortable", your body is telling you something. GO and take care of this as soon as possible.

Best of luck,
Dr. Zev Kaufman
nic14120 replied to Zev Kaufman, DDS's response:
thank you! I actually had my appt today with a new dentist!! He seemed very nice They took an xray and said that the tooth was not infected (my question too- I had a digital xray in Nov, again in Jan, and today) is all of this radiation in such a short period dangerous??
He said I have to very tiny cavaties on my left bottom teeth. And two deeper ones on my top left. (My first cavaties at 34:)
He said that the tooth is not infected *(although the hygenist said my gums were red and inflamed (could that explain why it looks like my tooth is getting smaller intot he gum?)- his plan of action is for me to come back 7/19 I go again, for a sealant to the tiny one's on the right. The next visit I will be doing the novicane on the left one's as he wants to clean them out before he fills them, and then the third visit he wants to do the extraction. He said I could do it all at once, but he feels it would be better for me to wean into it all. Do you think that sounds right to suggest? He did suggest doing to saving the bone in the event that I want to come back in a few years for a replacement, instead of needing a bone graft done the road, or not having the option at all. Is it safe in your opinion to let the tooth just sit there until possibly end of July, early Aug, at my last visit for the extraction?
Zev Kaufman, DDS replied to nic14120's response:
Dear ni14120:

I am glad that you like your new dentist. This is important. In that case, follow the dentist's advise and treatment plan. I do not have enough information to second guess him. His treatment plan sounds reasonable.

If your gums are red, it means that you have gingivitis. You must talk to the hygienist and the doctor about proper dental care at home so that you can avoid problems in the future.

... and NO. the radiation that you have been getting IS NOT dangerous. You are exposed to more radiation from the sun walking down the street. Worry about what is important... getting your oral health in order.

Best wishes,
Dr. Zev Kaufman

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