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Bad Breath
v2boot posted:
What are the ways to get rid of the bad smell between my teeth? I floss my teeth, but it doesn't help that much, what else can i do?

Please advise.
bt004 responded:
Am having the same problem my tonsils out but still the bad breath still oral hygine is good.i scapr the tongue everyday,brush twice,floss everyday.i realise bad smell is coming from my teeth,when i floss
please help on this..its frustrating
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
It sounds like you're both trying a variety of things.

For more suggestions, click on the following link:

Bad Breath
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Gwen Cohen Brown, DDS, FAAOMP responded:
Hi v2boot,

In general when my patients complain of bad breath I recommend that they first see a Dentist or Dental Hygienist who can remove calculus ("tarter") build up around the teeth and below the gum line. They can also address any infections or obvious sources of smell like gum disease, periodontal (bone) disease or broken teeth.

If seeing the Dentist or Hygienist has not solved the problem I typically recommend the patient see an Ear Nose and Throat doctor to confirm that the smell is not coming from a sinus infection and, if that does not solve the problem I would suggest seeing a gastroenterologist (GI) specialist and make sure the problem is not coming from the stomach.

Typically however the solution is local and related to gum disease and periodontal disease so see a dentist first. You can look on the American Dental Educators Association website to find out if there is a Dental School or Dental Hygiene School or Hospital with a dental department near where you live. They can offer a second opinion on your oral health and provide a lower cost alternative to private care.

I hope this helps!

Dr. Gwen Cohen Brown

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