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Is Vyvanse decaying my teeth!?!?
Dalie894 posted:
just recently started taking escitalopram and vyvanse and i have unexplained gum pains. i just started taking these pills about a week and a half ago and now my top back teeth are feeling numb, like when you get your mouth numbed at the dentist, but my gums feel really tender. if i put any amount of pressure on my teeth my gums flair up in pain. its only in the sides and back of my teeth, the front teeth feel fine. i'm really worried because i don't know whats going on, I've always had great teeth! I've never had a cavity and my teeth are white without being bleached, i take care of my teeth and gums and this really worries me that my medications could be rotting my mouth!?!? my teeth and gums have hurt for about a week now and i thought the pain would go away but it didn't. all of my back teeth feel loose but not like they will come out, just like the gum is too soft and it lets the teeth wiggle quite a bit more than i'm used to. HELP PLEASE
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Dalie,

It is not listed among the possible side effects but that doesn't mean this isn't why you're experiencing this. Be sure to discuss this your prescribing doctor and/or your dentist to ensure your good oral health.
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