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    Includes Expert Content
    Grey bump on inside of bottom lip
    CankS posted:
    I have this:
    on the inside of my bottom lip.

    I've had this for two days (Monday and Tuesday; it is now Wednesday for me). On Monday it was red, and swollen, with pus underneath. I figured it was an irritation from bad hygiene for the past few days - I get small bumps like that when I get really lazy -so I pinched it, popped it, and chewed away the deflated skin. There was definitely pus underneath it.
    I noticed earlier that it was back, though it feels slightly smaller, but it is now mostly grey and surrounded by white. It doesn't hurt much if I try to bite it gently; less than yesterday even. The decrease in sensitivity has me a little uneasy, though.
    No clue what it is, this is the first time I've had anything like that.
    Gwen Cohen Brown, DDS, FAAOMP responded:
    Hi CankS,

    Thanks for providing a photo! Although I cannot diagnose on line what you are describing (and showing) seems consistent with a mucocele. Mucocele are some of the most common lesions seen inside the mouth, they are completely benign and most are secondary to trauma.

    Everyone has between 700 and 1000 minor salivary glands - you can feel them if you push your tongue up against your lower lip, they feel like small bumps just under the skin - and three pairs of major salivary glands.

    The minor salivary glands are easily traumatized and form a 'water balloon' either when the duct (the tube that connects the gland and the inside of the mouth) is either blocked or severed.

    Normally mucocele will go away on there own within a week. If it does not go away it may need to be removed by an oral surgeon in a very minor surgical procedure.

    I hope this helps!

    Dr. Gwen Cohen Brown
    norden replied to Gwen Cohen Brown, DDS, FAAOMP's response:
    I have something like that on the inside of my top lip -- it's greyish black and has a little pimple that seems like pus inside -- but there is a little lumpy feeling under it -- last time (over 7 months ago) I saw my dermatologist - she said it was a common thing -- but the other day it seemed like another pimple came -- and I tried to pop it and it kind of went away -- but the original one is still there. Do I need to worry and go back to the dermatologist?

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