Cracked bottom lip
An_246942 posted:
My sons bottom lip has a crack right in the center. It is not healing we have been using aquaphor on it. It seems to close at night and then once he's up and talking/eating/brushing teeth it re-opens. My concern is that it is not healing and it has been about a month maybe even a little longer. It is very uncomfortable for him, any insight would be appreciated. Since he is 18 he doesn't think he needs a doctor, he know it all!!??
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:

That's how it goes once they're 18 and become responsible for their own health. (I have two grown sons and I found that until they decided something was bad enough for them to see a doctor, there was little I could do. They do eventually realize they need to take steps towards their own health.)

Considering how long this has been going on and his discomfort, I hope he'll reconsider seeing a medical provider to find out what's going on and how best to treat it.
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