Swollen/lumpy feeling inside lip
aasmit44 posted:
A few days ago I noticed inside my left upper lip felt a bit swollen. Not sure if it's anything significant, but since I used tobacco for 2-3 years (28 y/o male), I tend to be (overly) proactive about monitoring my oral health now. This spot is one where I did use spitless pouches while tempering down my use during the quitting process.

Anyway, pressing inside the lip with my tongue feels like a more pronounced version of the 'cobblestone' feeling that occur elsewhere inside the lips (due to salivary glands underneath, or what have you). It doesn't look much different to the eye -- no strange colors, shapes, etc, but definitely does feel swollen -- like a few larger, softer bumps compared to the normal, sort of granulated feeling I mentioned before.

This is pretty subtle, but like I said I'm overly sensitive when I notice anything out of the ordinary. It probably doesn't help that I keep messing with it, hoping the next time I check it will be gone!

Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Aasmit,

Considering your habit and your concern, see your medical provider to ensure your good health. A direct examination would be the best idea.
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