im 17,had 5 years lip swelling, white patches on swollen chin/ had endo/colonscopy and found redness in stomach
killercheese posted:
Ive had lip swelling for about 5 years now. I dont smoke or drink. the swelling never fully reduces. It gets better some days but never fully goes away. when i wake up is when it is the most swollen. it reduces somewhat after a couple of minutes.At the same time i had a white patch on my chin and some swelling. I got cortisone injections and the white patch went away but the swelling still exist. Ive had many test done and nobody finds what wrong. doctors that i had crohns disease or i was developing it. I had a biopsy done and they told me i had some oral facial granulomas. I got cortizone injections in my lip, i took many types of pills including dapsone, minocyline and doxycycline and they help very little temporarily. I don't know what to do.Does anybody have the same issue?
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Hi Killercheese,

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