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    Includes Expert Content
    Is it natural for teeth with feelings to hurt when you bite down on them? (with Detailed Description)
    An_247826 posted:

    I have had new fillings put. I had them for about 2 weeks now.

    Is it common for my filled teeth to hurt when I do a deep, hard, or griding bite with my bare teeth?

    My dentist has already reshaped it down. She did this test where she placed a blue sheet paper in between my teeth and asked me to bite down. When I had that paper in between my top and bottom teeth, it did not hurt at all when I would bite and slide my teeth. But it only hurts when I just do the deep bite with my bare teeth. Is this natural/common?

    They gave me the white fillings, not the silver ones.

    1.) I think what I am feeling is my filled teeth and my regular teeth touching each other. Since both have a different surface, I think that is what I am feeling. Plus, I have not had any dental work done is like 10+ years. So I am really not used to having a filling. I only had 1 filling prior to these new ones, and it was a silver one.
    2.) It has been present a couple of days after I got the filling.
    3.) It is not severe pain, it is not chronic. I have to bite down on my bare teeth to feel it. And even that pain is not severe at all.
    4.) The location of the problem is the tooth.
    5.) The size is only the size of the filling. That is where I really feel it.
    Zev Kaufman, DDS responded:
    Dear An_247826:

    It is NOT uncommon to have this altered sensation on the composite filling materials. It is usually a result of the bonding process of the composite.

    Many times, all it takes is time. The human body recovers very well, and sometimes all that it needs is time to react.

    However, unfortunately, if the teeth do not recover, usually within 30 days, a removal of the filling and re-doing it with another composite filling or a traditional silver amalgam filling is necessary. If that does not work then the tooth might have irreversible damage and will not recover. Usually, then, a root canal treatment and a crown are in order.

    A much more expensive option to the composite, or amalgam fillings is the gold restoration, which have proven itself to be the best over the years, yet the gold color is usually objectionable. The porcelain inlays and onlays are usually the best alternative, yet the most expensive.

    If your teeth do not recover, you should consult with the expert in this area, the prosthodontist. will have a link to a prosthodontist near you.

    Best of luck,
    Dr. Zev Kaufman

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