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Root Canal 6 months ago still pain
Yumin123 posted:
I had a cracked filling on #30, had rt canal (two parter) no pain what so ever afterwards. The temp was on for about 3 months before permanant went on. Still no pain. After permanant went on pain started. The tooth is sore! Not the gum, just the tooth. Then the other teeth started "hitting" like the entire mouth was shifting. My front teeth are clicking. The crown has been ground down twice by the dentist, twice by the endontonist, more xrays. Have been on dexamenosone twice. It seems to hurt more afterwards. No one will take the tooth off, which is what I want. One guys says it could be the tooth next to it. But it hurts when I just tap the tooth. What is going on! I am starting to go insane! The only time my mouth seems to relax into normal position is at night, the bite is ok in the am, but get worse as the day goes on.
Zev Kaufman, DDS responded:
Dear Yumin123:

It sounds as if you might have two problems:

One with the bite, and the other with the root canal. It is very possible that not all the canals were sealed during the procedure. The only way to check for that is with Cone Beam CT which allows one to see the roots in a three dimensional view. The bite could be fine in a vertical direction, but when you move your teeth they hit.

Have your dentist check the bite at you move your lower jaw and make sure that the tooth is not hitting the other teeth improperly.

If your dentists cannot get an answer, you might want to go to a Prosthodontist for a second opinion. will have a link to a specialist near you.

Best of luck,,
Dr. Zev Kaufman
Yumin123 replied to Zev Kaufman, DDS's response:
Thanks..neither the Dentist nor the Endo seem to think there is a problem, so I will be going to someone else anyway, might as well start with a Prosthodontist..never heard of that specialty.
Zev Kaufman, DDS replied to Yumin123's response:
I am glad that you are getting more eyes and brains looking at this.

Best of luck,
Dr. Zev Kaufman

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