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Bumps on each side of Tongue?
God4me1983 posted:
I just noticed a few bumps on the very back of my tongue on each side. I'm really worried and wanted to get an opinion on here. What type of doctor should I seek for this problem?
dabrain01 responded:
did you ever find out what the bumps are?
Gwen Cohen Brown, DDS, FAAOMP responded:
Hi God4me,

No need for concern. What you are looking at is normal anatomy, Circumvallate papilla.

The Circumvallate papilla contain between 700 - 1000 taste buds and are arranged in a "V" shape on the posterior part of the top of the tongue.

Dr. Gwen Cohen Post
mikemikey replied to Gwen Cohen Brown, DDS, FAAOMP's response:
Dr. Gwen Cohen,

I have these too, Is there anything that can remove them? any medicine? any solutions? they keep bothering me

i was at a specialist doctor office today, he told me that they are normal and they are usually cause by a virus from throat sore they might go when i be like 30 or so (i am 26 year old now). and all he gave me is anti-bionic.

jazzy111410 replied to mikemikey's response:
I have the same bumps on the back of my tongue , they don't hurt at all , do we all have those !?