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Insanely INTENSE constant pain after root canal
futurevet posted:
I just had a re-treatment of a previous root canal that had become infected done on Thursday 9/27 (my top left back molar) and I have been in constant pain ever since... I'm talking intense sharp throbbing pain that has made it impossible to eat and sleep for the past 3 days. I have no idea what is wrong with my tooth but no matter what medicine I take nothing helps. I have been taking 800mg ibuprofen every 3 hrs with no help, hydorodone 7.5 doesn't work either, and neither does the acetaminophen with codeine #3 tablets. I have no idea what is causing this pain or how to make it stop and the endodontist office is closed until tomorrow... this pain is excrutiating and I can't make it stop!!!!!
Zev Kaufman, DDS responded:
Dear futurevet:

I am so sorry to hear that you are in pain. I hope that by now you had seen a dentist. Sometimes when root canal treatment is performed and the tooth is sealed, gasses can build up in the tooth and they cause the pain. The tooth has to be "opened up" so that the pressure releases. Without looking at you, this is all that I can give you.

Taking ibuprofen (Motrin) and acetaminophen (Tylenol) together (two tabs each) works well.

Best of luck,
Dr. Zev Kaufman
futurevet replied to Zev Kaufman, DDS's response:
Well I had actually gone to an Emergency dentist after work the same day I wrote that... I was in so much pain I was sobbing and shaking... the dentist said I was in shock. He opened it back up and relieved the pressure, then prescribed me antibiotics and 10mg percocet which worked like a DREAM! Before that I had been taking ibuprofen 800mg every 3 hrs with NO effect... then took a vicodin and had no effect. So he prescribed me stronger pain killers and I was actually able to sleep for the first time in 4 days! Thanks for the advice though!
Zev Kaufman, DDS replied to futurevet's response:
Dear futurevet:

I am so glad that you have received the help that you needed.
Make sure to return to finish the root canal treatment and then a core and a crown. Don't let the work go to waste.

Best of luck
Dr. Zev Kaufman
togetherstandstrong responded:
It's 2013-04-27 and Im going thru the same pain you just mentioned. I just got a root canal done on my molar#30 about a week ago. The day after the procedure the tooth was ok to some point, no immediate pain. The second day after the dull pain started bothering me and called the office which they advised me to take Ibuprofen. Ive been taking Ibuprofen, 800mg every 6 hours and seems to help but today I realized the pain had gotten worse since I have been in the worse throbbing pain I have ever been in my life. I just got back from a work trip and couldnt really see a dentist, called my dentist in Toronto but they wont be back until tuesday. I dont really know what to do, the tooth feels loose and if I touch it, I feel the pressure inside out the tooth radiating the worse pain to my ear, lower jaw and causing me a headche. I also feel the tonsil from the side of the affected tooth is swollen. At some point I sat down and could feel the pain lashing all over my ear and right side of my face, i could feel a tear running down my cheek, never felt a pain like this before. Im trying to get a hold of any emergency dental office open on weekends in the Toronto area, the pain shouldnt be this severe, something is wrong inside my tooth. Any advices? Thanks.

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