Pain after 5 years in the Root Canal Tooth
Sudsy posted:
I had RCT done in one tooth in 2007. I took ibuprofen and tylenol to reduce my fever 2 days back and suddenly my RCT tooth felt swollen and sensitive. It is hurting too when the upper tooth is touching it or when I am chewing anything. What may be wrong? What should I do? My dentist isn't available till Tuesday and the pain is driving me nuts!
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Sudsy,

It's now three days later and Tuesday is almost upon us. I hope you were able to reach out for help in your area over the weekend and the Tuesday appointment takes care of things. Unfortunately, an online message board may not always get you the immediate response you need.

I hope you're feeling better by the time you read this.
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inside responded:
Hi Sudsy:

How did you make out ? I also had a RCT done in 2007, and a week ago I developed pain, I believe in that tooth, never had pain for 5 yrs. But, the weird thing is, the pain is intermittent. Yesterday, I had pain, but today all gone! So, pain on and off for about 2 wks.