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Sores in my mouth
Asimon posted:
2 weeks ago I had a root canal done on my right side, lower. Because I haven't yet had a crown put on, I have been avoiding eating on that side.. especially hard, tough or crunchy foods. One day, a few days ago, I started to notice a patch on the inside of my gum that was feeling really sore behind my upper back teeth on my left side (the side I've been preferring since my root canal). One of the teeth in that area had been pulled years ago and often food like chips will poke my gums in that voided area so my first thought was that I injured the gums in that spot. It hasn't seemed to get worse but it doesn't seem to be getting better either. Keep in mind that I still have 3 of my wisdom teeth and I was told some time ago that my upper wisdom tooth on that side pointed sideways instead of downward and would explain why it has never come down. The sore feels raw to touch even by way of my own tongue and from what I can tell looks white in color. Additionally, I've noticed a tiny, small, painless bump on my gum above another tooth towards the front of my mouth that has also been giving me grief, but this seemed more likely since it has bothered me for a while now. Bottom line..I've made a call to a dentist, but I am worried. I have to wait a week to be seen.
Could anyone shed some light on what might be going on inside my mouth? Thanks!
Gwen Cohen Brown, DDS, FAAOMP responded:
Hi Asimon,

I am sorry you have been uncomfortable and hope it is getting better or resolved by now.

Unfortunately I am not allowed to diagnose online and I would need to see you in person to even begin to develop a preliminary clinical impression, there are simply too many potential diagnoses that could fit into the description of your oral lesions.

I do not belive, based on your clinical description, in conjunction with time time frame provided, that this is directly related to the root canal. If it was secondary to the root canal the affected gum tissue would not be on the opposite side of your mouth, it would be near the tooth with the root canal.

Having said that you should not wait a week to see your dentist. Pain is a priority and if you are in pain you should request an emergency visit with your dentist.

When the current issue has subsided and you are no longer in pain you should make an appointment with an oral surgeon to evaluate the current state of your third molars. Remember that things can change over time and although you may not have needed to have your remaining wisdom teeth extracted during the last assessment it may be time for a new assessment.

There is a slight possibility that the pain is from an impacted third molar however your dentist will be able to rule this in or out.

I hope this helps!

Dr. Gwen Cohen Brown

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