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Weird way of a tooth extraction site healing question
wildecarde posted:
I had 2 of my teeth pulled six days ago. Molars, both lower on opposite sides of my mouth. I have no pain, but one socket still looks hollow and unhealed. I've followed my post op instructions to a T, and tonight there was just a couple trickles of blood. Not much. With that said, it HAS been six days going on 7 and most people say I am out of the woods for dry socket. I am going to go see my dentist in a couple of days but I was just wondering if I really am out of the woods for that to occur or if I should perhaps just stop in at his office tomorrow morning? Is this still something I can develop six/seven days later?
Zev Kaufman, DDS responded:
Dear WildeCarde:

There is way too much stuff commented on dry sockets. They do not happen nearly as often as it appears from the comments on the internet.

A dry socket happens when the blood supply to the socket is compromised. The number one cause is smoking, which constricts the blood vessels.

It sounds like you are doing everything right. Do not worry. Brush your teeth properly and wait for the post op appointment.

The gums take at least two weeks to heal and the bone within the socket takes at least two months.

Resume life and don't think about it.

Best of luck,
Dr. Zev Kaufman