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Yellow coat on tongue
goolar posted:
I'm 25 years old, female.
I don't know what this is. my doctor said it may be she gave me zantac.

not sure if its visible on this photos. i can post more. it has gotten worst by week(s)

im not yellowing of the eyes/skin...yet its odd. (i still want my liver to be checked just in case)

i brush my tongue gently 3 times a day with hydroperoxide as my doctor said. it started in the upper tongue and last night it spread downward.

its concerning me. almost 2 weeks, and no improvement. I have enough health issues to get something else

Gwen Cohen Brown, DDS, FAAOMP responded:
Hi goolar,

Sorry to hear that you have been concerned. Although incannot diagnose on line it looks within normal limits to me.

You have tiny little hairlike papilla on the top of your tongue. They are normal and are composed of keratin like your hair, skin and nails. Under a microscope these papilla look like little kids party hats, stacked up on each other. They have "leaves" like hair. Because they have space under these leaves on the papilla they become great places for things to ferment.

So I often see discolored tongues, yellow and brown with patients smoking and drinking tea or coffee, red with throat lozenges, blue with blue raspberry ices. The color tends to reflect whatever the patient has had in their mouth.

If you are smoking or drinking caffeine, coffee or tea, and are on any medication it is likely that your mouth is dry. If your mouth is dry these discolorants will stay in your mouth longer because of lack of salivary clearance - a dry mouth. Drinking alcohol and/ or using an alcohol based out rinse may also increase the dryness.

Do not scrub it do not use a tongue scraper aggressively, believe it or not it will actually make the papilla on the tongue get longer and the longer they become the more likely they will discolor.

I suggest that you see a dentist to confirm this clinical impression, they will have seen this more often and will be able to provide an accurate diagnosis. There are also over the counter oral lubricants that may help as well. Check with your pharmacist for good options.

I hope this helps!

Dr. Gwen Cohen Brown
An_249499 responded:
Hi . Please help me . I have the same exact case and I don't know what to do . I'm very worried if it has to do with the immune system because I had the exact case after 15 days of diaherra and flu . Can you please confirm me if you are better now ? And what type of medicine did u took . Thanks

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