mouth pain
tired1992 posted:
This the second time I have had this happen. My gums become swollen and very tender. In fact they hurt without any contact to them. I can't put in my upper partial. There is no bleeding but I have a metalic taste on the gums. I also have small ulcers on my tounge and inside the cheek and lips. This time I have had a painful burning on my tounge in isolated patches that show up as red bumps. The first time this happened I went to the doctor. She did know what it was but suggested it could be a viral infection and gave me some antiviral cream I could use in my mouth. It had a numbing effect also and did give me great relief. This time I just started using a numbing gel from the start. I am at day 5. Last time it lasted about 2 weeks. Could this be a type of shingles outbreak? Does anyone know anything about this?