New Upper Denturer Wearer HELP!
janlee64 posted:
I had all my top teeth pulled over 4 months ago and FINALLY got an upper denture made. I got it on Wednesday. I've had some gagging problems, but each day I've done a little better and I expect it'll continue to get better with each passing day. Hopefully, the denturist will trim away some more of the back to help with the gagging problem. (Thankfully, I do not gag when I eat!)
I have found that without the feel of the food touching the roof of my mouth, eating has lost a lot of its pleasure for me. I know there's no taste buds up there, but my food just doesn't seem as tasty! Is this common? Will it get better in time or is it just one of the pitfalls of having an upper plate?
Also, will there ever come a time when I'm not so aware of this plastic in my mouth? Will it become as if a "part of me" eventually, so I don't even think about it? Any comments would be very appreciated! Thanks!