Is there any drug or food that can be used to grow enamel?
nes_se_nesse posted:
When i was kid i have a gap in my front teeth. i didn't have a problem with it, but my parents forced me to wear braces.
Unfortunately, when the dentist removed the braces, he cleaned the glue-like substance remnant on my teeth. He drilled it too much, causing my teeth become yellowish.
I'm very sad, because before wore braces, my teeth are normal except the gap. And after braces removal the dentist made me have 4 crowns on my upper incisors and yellow canines.
The left yellow canine is too different. Many people ask about it and it's irritating me. I don't want to have my teeth being crowned again.
Is there any drug or food to help me grow my enamel back to normal?
pteanna responded:
dont think there is a drug or food which can make enamel grow because once enamel is formed,there wont be any cells remaining
what u can do is make enamel stronger y using floridated pastes or what ever
have u tried bleaching?
plazadental responded:
There is no drug or food available that will help. But I am sure if you go to a good dentist, he/she will give you good treatment options that are completely safe and will ensure your teeth are in good shape and color.