Wisdom Teeth Extraction and Dry Sockets
Rabideau19 posted:
Hello all,
I am, by nature, an overly cautious person. That being said, I am concerned about getting dry sockets. I had my wisdom teeth extracted 14 days ago, and I have not encountered any pain in the extraction sites or any kind of foul taste in my mouth. Unfortunately, I am a smoker and I would like to have a cigarette again, but I am concerned that the suction placed on the cigarette will remove the blood clots. Part of me thinks that it is ludicrous to still be worried two weeks after surgery, but as I said, I am very cautious and wanted to post something here to ease my worries.
Thank you,
P.s: I do understand that smoking is terrible for my health, and I should use this time to quit completely (since I've already not had a cigarette in two weeks), but with exams coming soon and a mountain of work piling up from my classes, all I really want is a cigarette.