Strawberry tongue, burning lips, white in my mouth.... Help...
An_251146 posted:
So recently I been having a sore throat, I looked in my mouth with a light because I was curious then saw a lump in the back of my throat small but noticeable. The roof of my mouth is white as for other area (but not furry) I have red spots on my tongue (strawberry tongue) and I just recent got bumps on my lips that sting/burn every now And then. There really tiny and literally in a straight line from one end of my lips to the other (top lip) help? Should I see a doctor or wait it out I have no insurance yet /:
Deanna30MI responded:
I just saw something on these kind of symptoms. I am not a medical professional, and in no way do I have the ability to diagnose anything.

My advice is to go to the doctor and get tested for Kawasaki Disease. Look it up first. From what I understand it is not common, but if left undiagnosed and treated, there can be some serious adverse effects.

Just a concerned person.. Good Luck and Good Health